This wiki is written in the docuWiki syntax, which is close to but different from mediaWiki (used by Wikipedia and others). Thanks to a little googling, I found:

Sample Steps

mkdir dokuwiki2mediawiki
cd dokuwiki2mediawiki
#Get script (raw format from github)
#Test, and see arguments
php dokuwiki2mediawiki.php
# copy original file to this location
cp /path/to/docuwiki/data/pages/subdir/page_i_want.txt .
# Convert file
php dokuwiki2mediawiki.php page_i_want.txt
#Convert all
find -type f -name '*.txt' -exec php dokuwiki2mediawiki.php {} \;
# View new markup
vi page_i_want.txt.mod
# Email new markup file to myself
echo "see attached" | mutt -a page_i_want.txt.mod -s "Email Subject" --