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 +Temptation is a strange thing.
 +For learning how to develop on a platform, all one needs is Docker (or a stand alone VM). Just get docker, and then download the latest [[|Hadoop Docker Image]]. More notes from [[|here]].
 +Failing that (I'm the person who got a VPS for a blog and wiki):
 +  * Virtual Server: Digital Ocean: About £60 a month per host.
 +    * [[|An Introduction to Hadoop]]
 +    * [[|How to Install Hadoop in Stand-Alone Mode on Ubuntu 16.04]]
 +  * Using AWS:
 +    * [[|How to create a real Hadoop cluster in 10 minutes?]]
 +  * Cheap PCs:
 +    * eBuyer, £210 for 8GB RAM: [[]]
 +    * Build your own custom, £250 each machine: [[|home built hadoop analytics cluster]]
 +Not a heavy lifting in any way:
 +  * [[|How to Hadoop at home with Raspberry Pi — Part 1]]
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